Monday, January 30, 2012

January Jollies& Follies

 we approach this year with fresh eyes.. this is our little family! Jazmine was startled by the flashes.
 This is Dena. She is my sounding board and partner in ....all things related to balance in life.
 This is a tattoo I drew ...on myself.. my mascot the owl ....good thing it temporary right?
 My baby J sleeping peacefully. I love this reversible sling . Shes almost too big for it.
 Yes. Yes I do. SlumberParties by LaTonya C.  visit my web page browse the goodies! 1 year anniversary!

 Jazmine love this ! she reclines in it and when she kicks or pushes back it slides and makes baby dance!
 Ladies and gentlemen she has found her giggle and squeal!
Sarah and Andrew. with Jazmine and I . they are about 7 days apart.


  1. OMG! Love the picture of her smiling...she looks just like you!!!! I am so happy you are blogging again! :)

  2. Wonderful to see you blogging again - and thrilled to see pics of da bebe!! So cute!