Monday, January 30, 2012

January Jollies& Follies

 we approach this year with fresh eyes.. this is our little family! Jazmine was startled by the flashes.
 This is Dena. She is my sounding board and partner in ....all things related to balance in life.
 This is a tattoo I drew ...on myself.. my mascot the owl ....good thing it temporary right?
 My baby J sleeping peacefully. I love this reversible sling . Shes almost too big for it.
 Yes. Yes I do. SlumberParties by LaTonya C.  visit my web page browse the goodies! 1 year anniversary!

 Jazmine love this ! she reclines in it and when she kicks or pushes back it slides and makes baby dance!
 Ladies and gentlemen she has found her giggle and squeal!
Sarah and Andrew. with Jazmine and I . they are about 7 days apart.

the end of the year re cap

confirmed its a baby
Alien life form controling my body...suuuper sensitive to smells...ick meat.

Baby... is she giving us the finger or is that a fist bump?

Im sooo big I blur but Im happy. 5 weeks to go will
September16,2011,3 weeks early but still considered full term.6 # 7 oz 18 inches long.

One week after knee surgery proud papa sorta looks like he had the epidural in this picture. :)

Grama Linda
Grammy Fred(Nelore)
cutest hat I just had to share this pic
Jazmine's first Christmas 
3 generations of  women alive and well.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pregnancy Roll'n along

I can hardly believe I am 26 weeks into this pregnancy already.  I have a lot to do still, however I am proud of what I have gotten accomplished so far.  Prenatal visits have gone well so far. Hearing the rapid little heart beat consistantly has done wonders for my anxiety about losing the baby. Im pretty happy when I feel the flutters and movenment. I feel her stronger and more often now. This weekend my mom and I went to a few garage sales in Derby; they had a city wide garage sale. I got some little socks that were too cute to pass up and a few onesies and a couple of bibs. It got to hot to go in and out of the car so we ended up having s girls day. One of my girlfriends and her daughter joined us for lunch at applebee's and then a much needed pedicure. I got silver toes!  Then we drifted through a couple of stores. Fashion bug in Derby is closing and has some good sales on 30-50% off.  We ended our excursion with ice cream and baby shower talk. I was exhausted was nap time! and now its time to eat.  I will be posting baby bump pics soon stay tuned.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi! More thank likely  you are friends and family that have stumbled upon or perhaps have been directed here. Ha ha! Welcome to my world of chaotic thoughts and rambling. There is so much wisdom and knowledge that has been past to me or gone through my mind that I am hoping to capture a few pearls of it here. Writing is not easy for me so this could be painfully therapeutic too.  Check back often as I hope to keep things updated and add pictures of us hams...rolling along.